EasyCatalog for Adobe® InDesign®

Are you wanting to take data directly from an spreadsheet or database straight into Adobe® InDesign®?

EasyCatalog dramatically speeds up page make-up time and ensures your documents remain error free. EasyCatalog has established itself as one of the most powerful and flexible database publishing solutions for Adobe® InDesign®.

Always up to date

Last minute data changes are a challenge but when using EasyCatalog  updates can be automatically synchronised to the live Indesign document.

Increased productivity

Brochures, price lists, catalogs and directories can all be quickly and effortlessly generated when using EasyCatalog.

 Error reduction

EasyCatalog checks the integrity of your external data in the linked document Indesign to make sure it matches the source data.

 Easy to use

EasyCatalog does not require any scripting to benefit from its powerful capabilities. It is easy to use out of the box. But an advanced Sc riopting module is available.

Works with existing data

Your data can be contained in many different formats, from a simple flat file format (csv), spreadsheet, XML or a direct ODBC database connection.


Grows with your business

EasyCatlog can grow from a single user environment to a large fully automated “black box” solution, depending on the needs of the business.

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