The retail environment has many challenges with keeping a grip on their Content


  • Reduced human error in content pagination by 99%

  • Content automation enabled customers to reduce the creation of catalogues from 2 weeks to 2 days.

  • Reduced resource requirement by more than 80%, in some cases we actually reduced the resource requirements by 100%. 

  • Drastically decreased production time of brochures from months to only days.


If you have ever picked up a newspaper to see what is on at your local movie theatre, you would have seen each block has all the details about the movie, from what times it is showing, its age restrictions, if its wheelchair friendly, in which theatres, if its an action, drama, comedy etc.. its a lot of content in a same box. This process used to take Ster-Kinekor over a week to put together, and there were a lot of challenges, mainly from human error when copying and pasting the content. We understand these challenges, as its content, and needs to be automated.

We implemented a smart pagination tool, that reduced the time to create the movie page layout significantly from weeks, to only a few hours. In addition, we eliminated the amount of human resources needed, down to only one person, and removed 99% of human errors. This fundamentally changed the way Ster-Kinekor were able to paginate their newspapers in hours, freeing up 4 days each week in their production times.

“Easy Catalogue fundamentally changed how we do our listings. Automating a massive workload and reducing human errors by 99%. What used to take us 3 days to do, now takes only 3 hours”

– Hein Potas – Ster-Kinekor –

Builders Warehouse

Builders Warehouse produces a promotional catalogue of all their items on sale each week, between 16-28 pages. These weekly promotional catalogues of specials are available when you enter a builders store, or even in your local newspapers. Producing a promotional catalogue of specials each week, used to take the Builders Warehouse marketing team 2 weeks on average to produce this catalogue.

We implemented as smart catalogue pagination tool that reduced the time to create these catalogues from 2 weeks, down to only 2 days. They were also able to reduce the human resources from a large team, down to less than a handful. We extract the information for the promotions running that week for their Product Information System (PIM) and automatically paginate the promotional catalogue, allowing the designers to add their tweaks, before publishing their catalogues. This reduced human errors, drastically reduced design and pagination time and also allowed builders warehouse to free up resources to be allocated to other areas that needed them.

Artwork production related documents used to live in email, disappear and/or die on desktops, it cost us valuable time and resources to assess the versions and find to conclude which version was correct and updated and who had access to it. We needed a safer, more efficient and cleaner line of communication.

– Steven van Heerden, Manager Design & Digital at Cipla SA –

F.H. Chamberlaines

Chamberlanes has been a hardware store that has grown from a single family run store, to now, multiple stores across the country. Their catalogue has been produced manually for many years, and it used to be a headache for their designer to get the content from excel, and then find the images to match, and then produce their catalogue monthly. We implemented a sophisticated catalogue pagination tool that helped them drastically reduce the time spent creating the catalogues, and allowed them to even consider releasing different specific catalogue, with the new time they had available. Their designer is now able to produce multiple different catalogue in half the time it used to take to produce a single one.

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