Content Automation is key to delivering the right content, to the right channel, without the hassle of constantly trying to redesign the content for each new platform

Publishers are constantly facing challenges with getting their content out to the right channels, on time. With the ever increase amount of channels from digital, social, web, mobile devices and print, making sure your content is able to be consumed on all these platforms is key.

Media 24

One of our most successful projects was in 2011, when Media24 was looking for a solution to take their manual creation of their magazines, into a more digital workflow. At its time, it was one of the largest media projects on the continent, with over 600 users, working on over 180 magazine titles. APS fundamentally changed their workflow and content automation, to allow them to produce the content quicker, and to the right channels. Our biggest challenge came from one of the most popular magazine titles that had worked a certain way for as long as they could remember. It was a mindset change that needed to take place, as adapting to an entirely new process, and way of working, will always require “change management”. Once this specific team bought into the new process, it was a game changer for them.

Never before had the designers been able to leave, until the final version was signed off and sent to the printers, and this was usually late into the night. Once they started working in WoodWings Content Station, the feedback we had was incredible. Designers were able to actual finish off their jobs and leave knowing that all had been completed and was ready for production to send to the printers, and this sometimes even happened a day before the deadline.

“The biggest Woodwing installation in South Africa and it is still used to produce all the magazines in Media24 environment. APS fundamentally changed our workflow and content automation, to allow us to produce the content quicker and faster. The biggest challenge was to convert all the magazines from the current way of working to the new method, however when they adapt the new process and the way of working, it was a game changer. By using Woodwing’s Content Station and workflow management solution, the feedback we had was incredible and for the first time production was completed within the required deadlines. Saving a lot of time and effort.”

Government Printing Works

Then there was the challenges faced at Government Printing Works (GPW), which had an issue with producing the government gazette. It was a laborious challenge of taking XML feeds and then having to convert them to a form of text that could be read by InDesign, and then to produce the government gazette book. If you know InDesign, it doesn’t handle more than 999 pages… the Government gazette could sometimes run into tens of thousands of pages. We helped them with a solution that used InDesign Server, to fully automate the entire process.
In the past it took 16 designers almost a week to produce the latest gazette, and by the time we finished with the full content automation solution, we reduced their resource requirement from 16 designers to none. We also reduced the time to create the gazette from a week, to 45 min.
The power of InDesign Server allowed us to write specific scripts that could automate their content production and also out put a completed PDF in minutes. This was a game changer for them, and has been running successfully now for the past 4 years.

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