Solutions are what drive companies forward, in todays business.

A single product can be useful to a business. When we integrate a number of single products, we create a solution.
If you think about all the software products you have, and we imagine these are a working body. If you integrate the ‘best-of-breed’ products into a solution, it means that ever single product is great at what it specifically does, but when integrated, its single greatness, is exponentially increased, by the greatness of the other products.
If one of the products is not performing as well, for example the right arm, we simply replace it with another right arm, that does not impact the whole system, but adds the greatness that might have been lacking from that single product.
An example in our Retail environment: Creating promotional catalogues requires a lot of content. This content is all the actual products like a can of coke-cola, with its complete description of the product, SKU numbers, image, colour and more, which is usually stored in a Product Information System (PIM). But a PIM system is great at managing the information on a product.
Most retail businesses need to produce promotional material and catalogues. They therefor have a serious amount of products and content. The information of the product is kept in the PIM system, but the images and all the other details are usually kept in a Digital Asset Management system (DAM). This system keeps track of the latest image, and the latest versions of their marketing material, and allows them to share, manage and find all the right products for their marketing campaigns.
Now that they have the products, and its related information from the PIM system, and then the latest version of the image from their DAM system, they now need to produce promotional marketing material and catalogues. This can be done manually with design tools like InDesign, where they will copy and paste, or drag and drop the content from the PIM and the DAM into a layout. But, this is all manual, and takes time, and allows for human errors.
This is where INTEGRATIONS come in: We integrate their PIM system with their DAM system and their catalogue pagination tools, so that the entire process can be automated. Now a designer can automatically select the products from the PIM, that checks and pulls the latest image from the DAM, and exports the completed marketing material or catalogue into the designers tool, InDesign, in a matter of seconds.
These integrations have taken individual products, that are good, and connected them together to make a solution that is great.

Custom Solutions

Every company has different requirements for software solutions to enhance their business. In certain instances, the companies requirements that are not available as “off-the-shelf” solutions. They also might not be able to integrate their current solutions either. This where custom solutions are the only way forward.

“The journey shared with APS in the last 2 years has become a partnership worth gold. The level of support and service is of the highest calibre.”

– Charmaine Banks – MORE Family Collection –

An example of Custom solutions in the Hospitality environment: One of customers required a solution that could enable them to offer a personalised and unique experience to their guests, when enquiring and booking one of their magical properties. After a lengthy investigation into what was commercially available, it was apparent that there was no solution that would suit their requests.
It was time they build a custom solution from the ground up. We scoped the solution, and spend time understanding their requirements from both a management level, but more importantly, from their actual users level. They needed a system that could offer a truly personalised approach to communicating and managing enquiries for their guests.
The users needed a solution that would cut down the time require to compile and send their detailed and personalised quotes to prospective guests. Management needed a system that would allow them to see what enquiries were in the system, that would also allow them to understand their expected budgets and revenue. Our first point of contact was the enquiry generated from the website. We set up an automatic reply, that would pull details from the enquiry and tailor a unique reply, based on the activity the guest selected (for example if they selected to travel for a honeymoon, the system curated a quote about honeymoons and then personalised this in the reply to the guest.) When it came to creating the quote, we build a sophisticated enquiry templates that had pre-populated drop down boxes, and automated content areas, that reduced the time to create a detailed quote from 45 min, to less than 5 min. The system then also automatically build a detailed itinerary for the guest, that would give them a breakdown of the experience they could expect to have on their trip to these properties. When the guest was happy and confirmed their experience, the system at a simple click, would convert the quote to a confirmed booking and send the guest the invoice and details pertaining to payments.
From the management side, this allowed the management to team to know who was working on what quotes and the expected values of these quotes. They were also able to assign and reassign enquires, based on the capacity of each user. The system also automatically created reports that were so details, that management could tell even the amount of enquires/quotes and confirmations from specific geographic areas.
We are constantly evolving this custom solution, to bring on even more enriched experiences and features. It has made such a massive difference to their environment by cutting down time, creating a workflow and efficiencies in their business, that we are exceptionally proud of how it has grown their department by more than 38% in less than 18 months.

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