Corporate companies have a lot of content. These could be documents, contracts, presentations, marketing material and more

They face very similar same challenges that publisher face, where they have a lot of content that needs to be consumed on various platforms. They also find challenges in managing their content workflows and most have very little automation in their workflow.

A typical document lifecycle could takes weeks, even months to simply be signed off by the right line managers. It would usually be created in MSWord, and then shared using a 3rd part file sharing platform. The contributor would then open the MS Word contract, make their changes, and send it back – this back and forth process had no tracking, or version control, which made it difficult to know where in the workflow the document was. Then there is the additional headache, of finding the right file. As there might be 5 different versions of a single contact, knowing which one if the most recent, posed a challenge. Most of the time it would be saved as filename_v2, v3 etc. This created duplicates and if it was not saved back into the right folder, it could take hours to locate that specific right version.

Cipla Pharmaceuticals

With one of our largest clients, a pharmaceutical customers, this challenge was one they need to find a solution for, to not only automate, but also make sure that the right team members had the right files, when they needed them. With this customer, we suggested a Digital Asset Management solution called WoodWing ElvisDAM (recently renamed WoodWing Assets). After the successful implementation of our DAM system, the stats were just mind blowing. They are currently on a 98% saving in terms of production time and production costs. We enabled their turnaround time for the creation of their marketing content from briefing to sign off, reduced from months to only days. And further more, we even reduced their production time from weeks to a matter of hours. As you can imagine, this fundamentally changed their global company. But the full story can be found here if you want to know more:
“APS has assisted Cipla South Africa with not only software support but also with business development in terms of workflow optimisation and production improvements. They have been instrumental from the decision making process to implementation of provided solutions. Their knowledge is incomparable and have been my first point of contact for more than half a decade. 
Charles Parrington has been on hand with every single project to date, guaranteeing its success from concept to execution. This coupled with Riaan Jordaan’s exceptional product knowledge has been imperative to the business. 
Automated Publishing Services is a tremendous asset for our company and has my highest recommendation. “

– Steven van Heerden – Cipla South Africa –

Boogertman + Partners Architects (Pty) Ltd

A one of the leading architectural firms, currently ranked 98th in the World (, they had a challenge of showcasing their incredible architectural concepts to current and new clients. In the past they would create a Powerpoint presentation and then use this to showcase their iconic buildings. We came on board to help them find a way to make their content more engaging and also them to share their concepts through a digital workflow and eventually into an App, that could be downloaded for their clients and prospective clients to then engage with. The content was rich with media, interactively and and ability to really showcase what they could offer in a new, fresh and highly interactive environment. We used a solution called Twixl Publisher, that enabled us to create the content in InDesign, and output this interactive content to an actual app that was then either distributed internally to stake holders of highly confidential information, and also segmented content that was available for the public, in their own app to engage with a new development that was recently launched.

“APS has an in-depth knowledge of the products they deal with and the staff, who are thorough and always willing to assist. We value our relationship and would recommend them as a supplier”

– Gerhard Kotze – Boogertman + Partners (Pty) Ltd –

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