• Streamlined workflow, so you know who is working on what, for how long, and where they are on that specific project.
  • Significantly reducing the time spent searching for the right marketing assets required. 
  • Right file, right version control management made easy.
  • Enabled agencies to manage workload capacity with their teams.
  • Increased productivity drastically, with automation and workflows
With agencies adapting to the new way of working remotely, being able to manage, collaborate and share content with your clients can be a challenge. We find solutions that help agencies to create, manage, and share their work with their clients, as well as cut down time in the management of projects and tasks. As agencies are working on projects for clients, they need to know which is the latest version of a logo, or document that their clients require. Version control as well as being able to share this security without using 3rd party sites, with their clients is an important requirement for agencies. It goes deeper than that of course. Agencies can also be the brand custodians for their clients. Therefore their clients require the ability to view, share and download their own branded content. Using a DAM environment for this is ideal. It gives the agencies complete control over all their digital content, their assets.

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