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TRAINING -As you build our knowledge and businesses, its vital that you are able to perform at the top of your ability. We believe that training is a pinnacle aspect of understanding the capability of not only your software but yourself. Our trainers at APS pride themselves in being exceptionally advanced in the software we sell. APS trainers are constantly learning new techniques, as they are released to make sure that we can offer you the cutting edge of technology training to ensure you perform at your absolute best. Being Adobe Technology partners also affords us the ability to test software before its released to the open market, giving us the competitive advantage over other training facilities

HANDHOLDING – We also believe that training doesn’t stop after our APS trainers have bestowed all their tricks and tips on our customers, and we offer to actually hold you hand through your first project. We physically are either onsite, or remotely there by your side as we hall you through the first creation using our software. This has proved highly successful with all customers as you get the actual feel for the software on your own projects, with the guidance from our experienced trainers

SUPPORT – To make sure you are always on top of your game, we offer a full complement of Support from just a few hours per month to have our trainers and support team on call for your urgent assistance to additional time for refresher courses and updates to the Software. We have numerous clients from Publishers to Corporate and Agencies who rely on our advanced technology trainers to assist them on projects from all over Africa and have a proven track record that we do have the best in the business.

MSD –  Automated Publishing Services (APS) and Morning Star Design (MSD) have partnered to offer the very best Adobe and Digital Publishing training. With the recent award for 2nd Best Adobe training institute in the World, this collaboration allows us to offer the best Certified Adobe and Digital Publishing training to the industry. Being a SETA Accredited institute, you can also claim a large portion of training back from the Work Place Skills Plan (WPSP).

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