Having the right tools to help perform your job is vital to any compnay. Being able to leverage the most powerful productivity solutions in any business give you the competitive advantage required to stay ahead. We specilise in soursing the right solutions for our customers to give them the competitive edge in their respective industries.

How they work

The software model has changed with the times over the last 2 years. Where in the opast you used to buy whats acalled a "box products, or off the shelf" and then every 18 months to 2 years when a new version wasw released, you could "Upgrade" to the new version for a reduced cost of a New product. As updates have become more frequent as technology gets more and more powerful, so these timeframes have shortened, so developers can now release new features monthly, thus making the previous model obsolete. Its due to this that now software is mostly rented on an annual term and includes all updates and upgrades while on your annual plan.

Retail Publishing Solutions

Graphic productions for retail tend to be complex : design studio's need to process large quantities of (changing) product data and tight deadlines. The production often results in multiple correction cycles and high margin for error, with large consequences if a wrong price or product details are published! Our solutions can offer an immediate return on investment by shortening this correction cycle and avoiding content mistakes. Our solutions are based on InDesign, the leading creation tool for the graphics market. By adding sophisticated plugins & workflow to InDesign we are able to deliver highly efficient and effective solutions to the retail publishing market. So if you are creating simple flyers, POS material, pricelists, catalogues etc, we have the best solutions available.

Traditional Publishing Solutions

Print is certainly not dead and there is still a large need to have efficient print production solutions for the publishing industry. When we refer to print we are meaning PDF, ePub and more, which we refer to as traditional publishing. There is a still large need for solutions in the books, journals, legal, educational markets, not to forget magazines and newspapers. We have powerful workflow solutions for these traditional markets. A particular challenge in the legal, journals & educational markets is the high usage of MSWord as the authoring & correction tool of choice. Converting MSWord to print ready PDF’s is another challenge. We have a unique workflow solution that takes care of the management of your MSWord document workflow and the automated PDF & ePub production at the publishing stage.

Digital Publishing Solutions

As we use our digital devices more and more, being able to connect with your customers on their devices is now key. We can assist you in create interactive rich media branded publications with no coding, so you can distribute your content on the major App stores and deliver a rich engaging experience everywhere and on multiple devices from Web, Tablet, Smartphone and Social. Using Analytics, we can measure your contents reach, and deliver profound insight into how your content is being engaged and consumed, as well as the audiences behavior to your content. We can track in-depth reports on time spent on articles, scrollable areas, videos, sharing, click-through and more. Monetise your content by selling Single issue or subscriptions through in-app purchase, or allows customers to shop right out of your publication with e-commerce integration. Its now easier than ever to create, moneitse and distribute your own apps on the global market places

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